Managed aquifer recharge

Mission: enhance fundamental science behind managed aquifer recharge and develop a practical tool for mapping aquifer recharge potential.

Aquifer storage and recovery

Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) involves injecting water into subsurface reservoirs via wells for future recovery. For the successful implementation of an ASR project, a target aquifer should have sufficient injection capacity, which is the maximum volume of water that can be safely injected. We develop a method that estimates the injection capacity of various types of aquifers (e.g., leaky, fractured) and use it for aquifer-scale mapping. The method has been successfully applied to multiple aquifers in Minnesota.

We also conduct field injection tests to validate the developed method and conduct flow-through laboratory experiments to address water quality concerns during ASR.

Infiltration basins

Recharging aquifers through surface infiltration is another common practice. We develop a simple yet rigorous method that identifies favorable locations for surface infiltration. Infiltrometers are used to measure saturated hydraulic conductivity and soil suction in the field and to validate the developed method. 

Selected publications