Enhanced geothermal systems

Mission: advance the fundamental understanding of variable density flow & transport across scales. Using the improved understanding, contribute to the optimal operation of enhanced geothermal systems and remediation of fractured aquifers.

Variable density flows in fractured media across spatial scales

Fluids with different densities often coexist in subsurface fractures and lead to variable-density flows that control subsurface processes such as seawater intrusion, contaminant transport, enhanced geothermal systems, and geologic carbon sequestration. However, most studies on flow and transport through fractures are often limited to horizontal fractures. To better understand the mixing and transport of variable-density fluids in fractured media, we combine pore-scale simulations, discrete fracture network modeling, and visual laboratory experiments. We then extend the findings to practical applications such as contaminant transport in fractured aquifers and geothermal systems.

Selected publications