Clara Seltzer

Undergraduate Student

I am a senior undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities pursuing a B.S. in Earth Science with a minor in Art. I have a particular interest in hydrogeology and enjoy its broad applications to important issues such as public health and safety, environmental conservation, and social justice. For the past year I have been conducting research to help characterize the Karst Hydrogeology field site through creation of strat columns, analysis of mineralogical composition of core samples and most recently assisting with core-flooding experiments.

I was born and raised near the Twin Cities with my three siblings and a couple of cats and dogs. My mom is an artist while my dad is more mathematically inclined, and as a result I find the intersection between science and art fascinating. Outside of school I enjoy exploring nature with friends and family, painting, practicing guitar and snuggling my sweet kitty, Nori.