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  • I have two open positions for PhD students in the area of flow and transport in fractured media. Please contact me with your full CV if interested. I am looking for a student with background in groundwater, fluid mechanics, and numerical modeling.
  • [April 2, 2021] Rachel Tripp, an undergrad intern mentored by Sang and Peter, received best poster award award from the UMN Earth Student Research Symposium. Congratulations, Rachel!!
  • [March 17, 2021] Peter Kang received a UMN McKnight Land-Grant Professorship.
  • [Jan. 25, 2021] Peter Kang received an NSF CAREER award for his project: “Predicting Transport, Mixing, and Reaction in Three-dimensional Heterogeneous Fractured Media Across Scales”.
  • Peter Kang will serve as Associate Editor for Hydrogeology Journal from 2021 to 2024. 
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