Core Flooding Lab

Core Flooding System

The KRG core flooding system is an advanced setup featuring a Core Labs DCHR Hassler type core holder and two high-pressure Vindum VP-3K metering pumps. This core holder is engineered with a 2-inch pressure-tapped sleeve and dual injection ports, capable of reaching confining pressures up to 5000 psi and withstanding temperatures as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The system's pumps employ a dual syringe design, enabling continuous, pulse-free injection with precise volumetric flow rates ranging from 0.00003 to 97 mL/min. In operation, one Vindum pump maintains a consistent pressure (up to 3500 psi) in the overburden chamber of the core holder, while the second pump manages the injection of fluid at either a steady flow rate or pressure. The system's ability to measure differential pressures across various cores is enhanced by a series of OMEGA Engineering differential pressure transducers. These transducers are calibrated to accurately assess low differential pressures (e.g., fractured or high permeability media), as well as high differential pressures (e.g., tight, low permeability media).